Can I style the front-end Map listing?

Yes you can.  GMaps provides class attributes to the table that you can edit the CSS to style to meet the look and feel of your site.

The following are the ID and class attributes for the table:

  • maplist (ID) – This wraps the entire table
  • gmapidheading (class) – This is the heading for the ID column
  • gmaptitleheading (class) – This is the heading for the Title column
  • gmapdescriptionheading (class) – This is the heading for the Description column
  • gmapid (class) – The ID column
  • gmaptitle (class) – The Title column
  • gmapdescription – The Description column

An example of one style you might want to apply is what if you don’t want to display the ID column.  Here is how you can do that.

  1.  From the back-end admin control panel, edit the CSS file
  2. Apply the following style rule:

.gmapidheading, .gmapid {
display: none;

This is basically telling the browser to not display the elements of the class gmapidheading and gmapid.

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