CB / GMaps Plugin – NOW AVAILABLE!

The beta version of the GMaps Community Builder plugin is now available to all subscribers.  This is an early release of this plugin and has been functioning on our demo site for several weeks.   This is only considered BETA because of the lack of testing for European and UK addresses; otherwise, if it was just for the US, this would be a 1.0 release.  Also, documentation is available for the configuration of the plugin.    The previous avatar issue has been resolved in this build.


This plugin does not guarantee geocoding of the UK addresses and has had limited european address testing.  See the GMaps demo site (https://www.firestorm-technologies.com/gmapsdemo/ ) for examples.  We now enable the Google map URL as a configured option where you can specify maps.google.co.uk for use when geocoding the address.  


Community Builder Plugin To Be Released
We are pleased to announce that our GMaps/Community Builder plugin will be released to our subscribers only.   This first release is considered BETA since we will have to tweak the plugin to support/resolve issues with european addresses.  This has successfully been tested in the US within little or no problems.  If you have any questions/concerns, please contact us at [email protected]  Our beta test site is St. Joe State Park .  The target release date is July 15, 2007 (maybe sooner).
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I’m receiving a #1074 – Too big column length for column … when installing GMaps

It has been reported of a few users of GMaps that they have been receiving a 1074 error when installing the component.  This apparently is caused when using an older 4.x version of MySQL.  Older versions of MySQL did not support VARCHAR datatypes greater than 255 in size.

GMaps was developed on a PHP 5 and MySQL 5 environment; however, additional testing was done on PHP 4 and MySQL 4.4 version without any problem.

If you can upgrade your database, great.  I will create a fix for this and an update path who already installed GMaps and have it operational.

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DB Error is occuring when performing the install?

I have seen a few comments on the board about and error that occurs during the install when attempting to alter a foreign key reference.

SQL Error DB function failed with error number 1005
Can’t create table ‘.seil i nord#sql-46c_2e.frm’ (errno: 150) SQL=alter table `jos_gmaps_maps` add constraint FOREIGN KEY (`id`) REFERENCES `jos_gmaps_points (id)` on delete cascade

alter table `jos_gmaps_maps` add constraint
REFERENCES `jos_gmaps_points (id)` on delete cascade


Keith posted a comment on the forums indicating that if you change the table engine from InnoDB to MyISAM, that should do the trick.  The command to change the engine type is:


For further details, please refer to the MySQL documentation (click here for MySQL’s ALTER TABLE command )

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Can I add my own icons?

Yes you can.   In order to use your own icons, you need to do the following:

  • Load into your Joomla Root/components/com_gmaps/icons folder.
  • Go to the GMaps control panel in the backend adminstration panels
  • Select ‘Manage Icons’
  • Select the icon name (this is retrieved from the filesystem)
  • Specify the icon height and width
  • Click ‘Save’

That’s it.


This was changed from the initial version due to a changes in the rendering class to ensure the icons would display.

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Can I style the front-end Map listing?

Yes you can.  GMaps provides class attributes to the table that you can edit the CSS to style to meet the look and feel of your site.

The following are the ID and class attributes for the table:

  • maplist (ID) – This wraps the entire table
  • gmapidheading (class) – This is the heading for the ID column
  • gmaptitleheading (class) – This is the heading for the Title column
  • gmapdescriptionheading (class) – This is the heading for the Description column
  • gmapid (class) – The ID column
  • gmaptitle (class) – The Title column
  • gmapdescription – The Description column

An example of one style you might want to apply is what if you don’t want to display the ID column.  Here is how you can do that.

  1.  From the back-end admin control panel, edit the CSS file
  2. Apply the following style rule:

.gmapidheading, .gmapid {
display: none;

This is basically telling the browser to not display the elements of the class gmapidheading and gmapid.

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How can I change the text on the tabs in the pop-ups?

GMaps 1.0 introduces the tabs on information popup box for the markers; however, at this time, the only way to change the text is to “hack” the code.  A future release of the product will make this all configurable.

If you wish to change the text,  you may edit the googleapi.class.php file to make the change.  This file can be found in the joomla root/components/com_gmaps/classes folder.

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Info box does not show up when I click on the link in the index?

Special thanks to onthepitch for this.  There is a slight bug in the 1.0 release that was discovered.  1.0 uses the Google GMarkerManager API class.  This is supposed to more efficiently manage the markers; however, it markers are not on the “viewport” when you click the link in the index, the Google API javascript will not recognize the marker.  This primarily occurs when you have about several markers on a map and the zoom level may be around 14 to where only a few markers are seen. Then when you click on the link, nothing happens.

RESOLUTION:  The way to resolve this problem is to set the zoomlevel lower to where all the icons become visible when the map renders.

WILL THIS BE FIXED IN A FUTURE GMAPS BUILD?   Yes.  I do plan on fixed that in my next “official” build that is released.  In the meantime, I will publish a class file to the download site and instructions on how to install it without having uninstall the component after I have it tested further.

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If I upgrade to a new version, will I lose any data?

The answer is NO, and YES.  No, you will not lose any data (maps, markers, etc.) that has been stored inside the tables.  However, you will lose the following when you reinstall or upgrade:

  1. Configurations – configuration settings in either the mambot/plugin or the component will be lost and will have to be re-entered
  2. Icons – This does not include the icon definitions in your tables.  This does include all of the icons that have been loaded into the GMaps icon folder.  This folder does get removed when performing an uninstall using the Joomla installer.  You will want to backup your icons folder before uninstalling the component.  Uninstalling will the mambot/plugin will have no effect on the icon folder.
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Does GMaps run with Mambo?

We have not tested GMaps with Mambo, nor do we plan on testing it with Mambo.  You can try and use GMaps in Mambo at post questions to the forums if you would like.

GMaps has only been tested using Joomla 1.0.12.  We do plan on testing GMaps with Joomla 1.5 as time permits.

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How can I change the order of the tabs in the information window?

With the introduction of Release 1.0.1, you are now able to sequence of the tabs. Previously, when “driving directions” where enabled, the tabs would always appear in the same order (Details, Directions).  Now, you can change the sequence of the tabs by editing the map configuration.

When you go to edit a map, just click on the Markers tab and you’ll see a screen like the one included in this FAQ.  From here, you change change the sequence of the tabs by changing the selections in the Tab # 1 Content and Tab # 2 Content.   The only options you have are “Details” and “Driving Directions”.  These are standard tabs.

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