Frequently Asked Questions
From the list below choose one of our FAQs topics, then select an FAQ to read. If you have a question which is not in this section, please contact us

  • JLeague FAQ  ( 3 items )
    This section is used for FAQ’s related to the JLeague Joomla extension for managing your leagues (i.e. baseball, soccer, etc.)
  • Gmaps FAQ  ( 22 items )
    Looking for help with GMap? Check out our FAQ. This section is evolving as more and more feedback is provided by the Joomla community.
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Support Policy

This policy applies only to the extensions available on our website. Support for a custom extension is outside the scope of this policy.

  1. There is no guarantee, or promise, of support for the extensions we write and release under the GNU Public License
  2. Users should post their questions to the community forums and hope someone has encountered a similar problem and resolved it themselves.
  3. Do not email us directly as it will likely go unanswered (unless we request you too).
  4. At times, we MAY check the community forums as time permits and respond accordingly (no guarantees)
  5. We will not answer questions that are unrelated to one of our extensions or efforts we’ve been involved in.  We can however assist you with the issue at our normal billable rate.
  6. If support is required, we do offer subscription based support for a small fee (see below)

As much as we would love to continue the level of support we’ve provided in the past to support GMaps (or other extensions), it has become too costly to continue.

Subscription Based Support

We now offer support for GMaps (and other extensions) via subscriptions (hopefully I have everything configured properly).   The scription will give you access to a different forum that we will monitor and respond as quickly as possible.   We do have day jobs so please be patient.  We will also periodically publish other extensions that will only be available to subscribers.   A subscription will also provide you access to other extensions, documentation and our knowledgebase.

NOTE:  We are working to make as much information avialable to the subscriber.  Over the next week or so, additional documents, FAQ entries will be made available only to the subscribers of our service.

Firestorm Technologies, LLC reserves the right to determine which extensions are made available to subscribers as well as how they are bundled with support subscriptions.  Some extensions may be offered as a premium support package. 

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