CB / GMaps Plugin – NOW AVAILABLE!

The beta version of the GMaps Community Builder plugin is now available to all subscribers.  This is an early release of this plugin and has been functioning on our demo site for several weeks.   This is only considered BETA because of the lack of testing for European and UK addresses; otherwise, if it was just for the US, this would be a 1.0 release.  Also, documentation is available for the configuration of the plugin.    The previous avatar issue has been resolved in this build.


This plugin does not guarantee geocoding of the UK addresses and has had limited european address testing.  See the GMaps demo site (https://www.firestorm-technologies.com/gmapsdemo/ ) for examples.  We now enable the Google map URL as a configured option where you can specify maps.google.co.uk for use when geocoding the address.  


Community Builder Plugin To Be Released
We are pleased to announce that our GMaps/Community Builder plugin will be released to our subscribers only.   This first release is considered BETA since we will have to tweak the plugin to support/resolve issues with european addresses.  This has successfully been tested in the US within little or no problems.  If you have any questions/concerns, please contact us at [email protected]  Our beta test site is St. Joe State Park .  The target release date is July 15, 2007 (maybe sooner).

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