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Joomla Extensions

Have you ever looked through list of available extensions and haven’t found what you are looking for?    There are some great extensions developed for Joomla but many times, only a custom developed Joomla extension may be the only solution.   Together we have over 30 plus years to software development experience (including the GMaps extension for Joomla and the backend system managing the site).

All custom programming engagements include the following:

  • Requirements/Design/Development/Testing
  • Joomla installation file
  • Full Documentation of the component, mambot or module
  • FREE technical support during the installation and configuration of the custom module

So if you can’t find your solution on the net, or need an existing extension “tweaked” to meet your needs, please contact either Steve or Chris and we can discuss if/how we can help you out.


Custom Programming Policy
The following defines our policies if we choose to engage in a custom extension development effort:

  • All development is priced based on an hourly rate.
      • At certain times, and based on the situation, a fixed bit quote maybe acceptable
      • Hourly Rate is $75 (rate is subject to change without notice)
  • A 40 percent deposit is required based on our initial cost estimate
  • User acceptance testing of the a Joomla extension will be performed on our of our servers before the extension is released to the customer.  Customers will have admin authority to the site so they can fully test the extension.
  • Final payment must be received prior to actual delivery of the extension
  • Paypal is the only method of payment we accept unless the customer is local to the St. Louis, MO region
  • Technical support will be provided during the installation and configuration of the extension on the customers server
  • Firestorm Technologies reserves the right to determine, after user acceptance and installation, which requests are bugs and which are enhancement requests.  Overlooked requirements by the customer are not considered “bugs”.  We will do our best to ensure that all requirements are captured.
  • Timesheets will be provided upon customer requests
  • We also do not bill for time spent researching or educating ourselves on practices/techniques required to satisfy the customers request.

If you have questions or comments regarding our policy, you may contact us at [email protected]

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