GMaps SQL Injection Issue Resolved – Download 1.1 Immediately

This afternoon (July 31, 2007) a GMaps user reported an SQL injection issue with our component.   This issue has been resolved and made available for download in Release 1.1.  Please upgrade your sites immediately to prevent any further issues.   Sorry for the inconvenience.


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GMaps moving to its own domain
In coming weeks, we will be moving all of the GMaps specific content (ie. forums, downloads, etc.)  to its own site so we can separate the GMaps communities from our business site.  All user registrations/subscription information will be migrated.  More information will be posted as we get closer to this move.  In the meantime, keep coming back for more GMaps info.


GMapsPRO Beta
GMapsPRO (Beta) has been released to subscirbers.  Read on to view the included feature set.  Two very important pieces of the puzzle are still missing. That is FRONTEND submission capabilities and the Adapters.  The adapter code is written but needs to be cleaned up before completely making it available.  The FRONTEND submission piece should be done in the September/October timeframe depending on our workload.

For more information on the feature set, as well as screen images (including GMaps with My Maps and Google Local Search), click here .


GMaps Mambot/Plugin
IMPORTANT!   As of July 14, 2007, the GMaps Mambot/Plugin is now only available to our subscribers.   The entry at clearly reflects that this is now subscriptionware.  If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us on this matter.  The component and map list module are still freely available to all (NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED).


Looking to search directory listings based on your map?
Well, I’ve applied a patch to the GMapsPRO,  This update to pro brings the local directory searching capabilities of Google and the CMS power of Joomla together.  Check it out!!

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