Extension is now available  (for subscribers only)

GMapsPRO is the second generation of the initial GMaps extension.  The goal of GMapsPRO is to provide greater flexibility and ease of use than GMaps.  For instance, the following ar some of the core features:

  • Front-end editing capabilities (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)
  • Greater flexibility when adding markers to a map (add multipler markers at once)
  • Geocding support
  • Marker Editor that auto-calculates the latitude and longitude
  • Ability to move the marker to more accurately place the marker on a map
  • Double-click zoom capability
  • Marker categorization
  • Support for standard Joomla publish/unpublish model of both maps and markers
  • External datasource adapters (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)
  • Community Builder integration (PENDING TESTING)
  • Support for language files
  • Local search capabilities using the Google Local Search API
  • KML/KMZ support (Google My Maps)

Some of the “Under Development” items above are key to the future of this extension.  However, this has been released without these features due to time constraints.  We do hope to have the majority of these items completed within the September/October timeframe – but this is only if time permits. Our availability will be limited in the November-January timeframe.

Some of the basic functions like double-click zoom may carry over into the non-subscription based version later on this year; however, key features like marker categorization, geocoding and front-end editing will stay in the ‘pro’ version.

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