How do I create a map?

Creating a map is pretty straight forward once you understand how GMaps functions.  Each map has its own set of properties and can contain several markers (or plot points, whatever you want to call them).  The properties can be set when you initially define your map.  The markersare created separatey from the map so lets start with the markers.

First, go to the “Manage Markers” link on the GMaps Contro Panel.  Do the follwing:

  1. Enter the title, or name, of the marker
  2. Enter the latitude
  3. Enter the longitude
  4. Enter a description
  5. Associate the marker with a defined icon
  6. Click on SAVE

Do this for as often as you need.  Once complete, then return to the GMaps Control Panel and select “Manage Maps”.  Now were are ready to define your map and markers on the map.  To do this, we do the following:

  1. Enter the title
  2. Enter a description
  3. Define any overlay maps
  4. Click on the ‘Properties’ tab to enter specific information on how the map is to be rendered
  5. Click ‘Apply’
  6. After you click ‘Apply’ the map will save and will enable the marker side of the map enty page
  7. Use the drop-down select list to locate the markers you wish to plot this map and select ‘Add Marker’.
  8. Click on the ‘SAVE’ button on the toolbar

That’s it.  Hope this helps.

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