Info box does not show up when I click on the link in the index?

Special thanks to onthepitch for this.  There is a slight bug in the 1.0 release that was discovered.  1.0 uses the Google GMarkerManager API class.  This is supposed to more efficiently manage the markers; however, it markers are not on the “viewport” when you click the link in the index, the Google API javascript will not recognize the marker.  This primarily occurs when you have about several markers on a map and the zoom level may be around 14 to where only a few markers are seen. Then when you click on the link, nothing happens.

RESOLUTION:  The way to resolve this problem is to set the zoomlevel lower to where all the icons become visible when the map renders.

WILL THIS BE FIXED IN A FUTURE GMAPS BUILD?   Yes.  I do plan on fixed that in my next “official” build that is released.  In the meantime, I will publish a class file to the download site and instructions on how to install it without having uninstall the component after I have it tested further.

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