Website Support/Maintenance


Having issues with your site?  Can’t quite get it configured properly or looking the way you want?   Not enough time to keep it up-to-date?   Why spend your time banging your head in frustration when we could do it for you?    Stay focused on your core business and let our friendly and experienced staff handle your websites support/maintenance for you.   Our team is experienced and knowledgable in HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript and other web technologies and can solve most issues you may encounter in a timely manner.

Through our release of the several Joomla extensions, we’ve seen many non-IT individuals put together some excellent sites (kudos to you!).  However, every now and then, we’ve encountered someone who just can’t get everything to work properly and have asked us to help out.  If this is a one-time deal or your needs are more longer term, please let us know and we can put together a package to meet your needs.

Some examples of what this might involve would be:

  • Updating the content on your site
  • Configuring website analytics so you can gain valuable information on who is accessing your site, when they are accessing your site, how they find your site and much more….
  • Repositioning a given module
  • Modifying CSS to ensure an extension is consistent with your sites theme
  • Upgrading existing modules
  • Move your site to a new hosting company
  • Setup/Configure Google Analytics so you can analyze your sites traffic
  • Or other types of basic IT functions

For more information or would like to discuss recurring support services, please email us at [email protected]


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